Best Hospitals In Dehradun

The old saying “health is wealth” is the most useful to mankind as no wealth in the world is greater than the health. You can have billions, all the facilities and comfort of the world, but if you are not healthy and are always in some pain or disease, then all that wealth and comforts mean nothing. That is why hospitals were made, to relieve people form their pains and disease. And if you are living in Dehradun, the you should know the best hospitals in Dehradun.

Best Hospitals In Dehradun

Here are the top rated hospitals and health care centers of Dehradun:

  1. Max Super Specialty Hospital: It is one of the most trusted hospitals in Dehradun. It is known for it’s state of art health equipment, world class doctors and well maintained infrastructure. The hotel staff is always on it’s toes give their best to the patients. The only cone of this hospital is that it is quite expansive for a middle and lowers class people.
    Address: Mussorie Diversion Malsi Road, Rajpur (Near Malsi Deer Park)
    contact: 9690096494
  2. Kailash Hospital: The newly open hospital has quickly got fame and reputation as one of the finest hospitals in the city. It has one of the biggest hospital infrastructure, and offer a wide range of specialty ranging from simple to complex surgeries.
    Address: Main Haridwar Road, Near Rispana Bridge, Nathanpur
    contact: 0135- 2663000 / 9999998808
  3. Kanishk hospital: It is one of the well known health care center in Dehradun. People from all over the city prefer to visit this hospital in need because of it’s well skilled and qualified team of doctors.
    Address: Haridwar Bypass Road between Railway Crossing & Rispana Bridge
    Contact: 0135-2670040 / 919760432293
  4. Velmed Hospital: This hospital is known for it’s high tech equipment that are upto the current technologies, also their team of doctors are highly qualified and have years of experience. If you visit their website, then you can get and estimation of the cost that you will have to pay for particular services.
    Address: Velmed Hospitals Next to PNB Bank Turner Road, Clement Town
    Contact: 0135 – 2646666 / 7251999162
  5. Shri Mahant Indiresh hospital: Due to low expenses it is one of the most visited hospitals of the city. Since it is the property of Shri Mahant trust, therefore it often conducts expensive tests and treatment for free or at very low price.
    Address: Kedarpur Village Rd, Industrial Area, Govt.Industrial Estate, Patel Nagar
    contact: 0135 667 2400

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