Best Movie halls in Dehradun – Good Cinema Halls

Bollywood is the only film and entertainment industry in the world that produces more than 100 movies in a year. And this makes India the biggest producer of entertainment and movies as Bollywood combined with state entertainment industry like Tollywood, bhojpuri, Punjabi etc.

One can just imagen how much we Indian like to watch movies. And to satisfy our desires we have got the movie halls. Planning to out for a movie? then consider this list of best movie halls in Dehradun before making a decision.

Best Movie halls in Dehradun – Good Cinema Halls

Following are the best movie halls in Dehradun where you will get the maximum fun and value for money.

PVR Cinemas

PVR is known all over the country for it service and high quality customer experience. Fortunately, we have got one in Dehradun. The prices in this hall are bit high, but trust me! it will be worth it. If the movie is available in 3d then you should watch it here as you will get one of the best experience.

Address: Pacific mall, Rajpur road

Silver City Multiplex

This one of the finest cinema halls which are available in Dehardun. It is older than PVR cinemas and offer the best customer service experience. The only cone is the size of the hall, since the size is not big, therefore the front rows are quite close to the screen which spoils the mood. So, if you are planning to go in this cinema hall then make sure to take back rows and not the front ones.

Address: Parsvanth Eleganza, arsvnath, 103, Rajpur Rd

Fun Cinemas

This hall is also known as new empire among doonaties as it was the name before it’s renovation. This hall had some reputation in the city before the big names like PVR were not around, but slowly it was loosing it’s audience. Then suddenly they got the whole hall renovated and is now retaining it’s audience slowly but surely. The best thing about this hall is that it offers PVR like experience but in a way less price. What else would you want from a hall.

Address: Rajpur Rd, Gandhi Park, Chukkuwala

Carnival Cinemas

This is one of the first high class movie hall of the town and this is the reason why we have included it in this list. It is located in the best possible spot i.e ISBT. In it’s initial days, this hall was the first choice for people, but as the time progress it has lagged behind. The problem is that the ticket price are still high while experience is not that good.

Address: The City Junction Mall Haridwar Bypass Road Near, ISBT

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