Best Places To Visit In Dehradun 2022 On Holidays

Every city has something to show. Metro cities are popular for their glamorous buildings, malls etc. Old cities like Lucknow has their history and monuments to offer. And then their are cities like Dehradun, most of the outsiders may think of it as a small city that do not have much to offer when it comes to spend holidays. But, in this article you will some of the best place to visit in Dehradun that will stun you.

Best Places To Visit In Dehradun 2022 On Holidays

If you are in Dehadun and want to spend you holidays here, then this article will guide you the best places to visit in Dehradun.

  1. Buddha Temple : This is one of the most quite and peaceful place in the city. You can explore the rich culture of Buddhism through different means like embroidery on stone, and off course through the temple. Buddha temple is famous for the 22o feet long statute of Buddha, but it’s center of attraction is the beautiful and well maintained garden.  You can sit and relax in the peaceful environment of Buddha temple that too for free. No entry fees nothing.
    Buddha temple timings
  2. Lachhiwala Picnic Spot / Nature Park : It is one of the most visited place of Dehradun in summer times. It has pools of different heights making it safe for almost every age group. The source of water in these pools is natural and pure. The cost for entering is Rs. 30 (approx).
    Lachhiwala photos
  3. Sahastradhara : This is another natural water park of Dehradun and is said to have water that is good for skin. Unlike Lachhiwala, the pools in Sahastradhara are not as per height, it gets deeper at some places and is uneven with respect to surface. There is no entry charge but one need to pay for parking tickets. It has also got a man made water park where you can enjoy slides and other stuff.
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  4. Robber’s Cave (Guchhu Pani) : It is a natural cave through which the water of river flows. It is a wonderful experience to get in the cave and enjoy variety of falls inside the cave. It’s gives both the refreshing and trilling experience at the same time. Entry fees is Rs. 25 (approx).
    Robber's Cave photos ticket price
  5. FRI (Forest Research Institute) : As the name suggest it is a institute but with and nice architectural and historical advantage. There are 5 museums of different subjects which provide a good knowledge of each subject. Visiting FRI can be a knowledgeable and fun experience especially for kids. The entry fees is just Rs. 10 (approx).
    FRI Dehradun
  6. Dehradun Zoo (Malsi Deer Park) : This Zoo have made Dehradun famous not only in India but all over Asia, as this Zoo is included in the top 10 zoos of Asia. You can find beautiful birds, animal and fishes here. Als0, it has the advantage of natural views and they have got a nice little setup for kids to do different activities. The entry fee for zoo is Rs. 35 (approx.).
    Dehradun zoo

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