Best Restaurants In Dehradun For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Good food brings excitement in life. Being i foodie, food makes every moment of life worth fighting for. Of course many will disagree with this statement, but those with the same interest as me will know what i am talking about. Some food are healthy, some are tasty and some are just out of the world.

The irony of life is that junk food is tasty, but is bad for health, while fresh veggies are goof for health but does not taste that good. We humans are intelligent and that is why we choose healthy over tasty, but it is good the eat tasty sometimes.

And if you are planning to eat out today, then here is the list of best restaurant in Dehradun that will definitely make you day.

Best Restaurants In Dehradun For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  1. Pavilion Restaurant : This is one of the best restaurants in Dehradun. According to the locals, it is also one of the oldest restaurant of the town. It is not only a restaurant, but just a part of hotel president. Mostly known for it’s north Indian dishes, this restaurant also serve delicious Chinese and Italian food.
    address: Hotel President, 6, Astley Hall, Rajpur Road, Karanpur,
    Timings: 8 am – 11 pm
    pavilion restaurant
  2. The Garage Dine-In: If you are obsessed with cars and everything related to it, then you will love this restaurant. It is a car parts theme based restaurant that, and offer really good food.
    address: 316, Gms Road, Opposite Akash Coaching, Near Ballupur Chowk
    Timings: 2 pm – 11 pm
    the garage restaurant
  3. Muse Restaurant: sophistication is another name for this restaurant. It is known for it’s quality food and world class chefs. It is part of the famous Indralook hotel.
    Address: Hotel Inderlok, 29, Rajpur Road, Chukkuwala
    Timings: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm
    muse the art gourmet
  4. Y Cafe And Restaurant : fan of books and music? then this is the cafe cum restaurant for you. Though it serves limited variety of food, but you bet it is of finest quality. Also, they give exclusive live music performance to their customers.
    Address: Hotel White House, Behind St. Joseph’s Academy, Subhash Road, Karanpur
    Timings: 11 am – 10 pm
    y cafe
  5. Onyx : Don’t know what the name means, but who care about the name when you can enjoy the best views outside and inside along with great food. You will automatically raise your standards once you are inside this awesome restaurant.
    Address: 152, 4, Rajpur Rd, Jakhan
    Timings: 12 pm – 11pm
    four points by sheraton

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