How To Reach Dehradun Airport / Jolly Grant Airport

There was a time when we had to travel for days in trains to reach a long distanced place. But, with the invention of  airplane everything changed. Journey that would take days, weak and sometimes even months are just the matter of hours now. Thanks to the airplanes and the Dehradun airport, we at doon can also fly to places in no time.

The Jolly Grant airport which is also known as Dehradun airport has made life easy not only for Uttrakhand, but for people of other states too. Now we can reach other states within hours and the same way they can also reach us.

How To Reach Dehradun Airport / Jolly Grant Airport

Currently the Dehradun airport is domestic and no international flights are available, but it is just matter of time when we will have the international flights taking off from here. But, for the time being you can only fly to states and not the countries.

Recently the news is coming that the name of the Dehradun airport will be changed. The new name of the only airport of Uttarakhand will be given after the famous ex-prime minister of Indian and one of the best BJP leader late Mr. Atal bihari vajpayee. The decision is made by the Uttarakhand government to give a tribute to the BJP leader.

How to reach Jolly Grant airport from Dehradun

There are many options available to reach Jolly grant airport. Here are the best option as per the location you may be.

From ISBT: if you are at ISBT then you can take the direct bus to Rishikesh and ask them to drop you at Jolly grant airport.

From Rispana bridge: If your location is rispana bridge then you can wait for the direct bus to Rishikesh, or you can take a taxi that will drop you.

From Dharampur: You can take the vikram that will take you Rispana and from there you can go for taxi or bus.

From pared ground / Ghantaghar: Again, you can take the 5 number vikram to reach Rispana and then take the vehicle of your choice from there.

From Garhi cant: You can take a bus that will drop you at pared ground, and form there you can take a vikram to reach Rispana.

These are the local transport method that you can take to reach the jolly grant airport form Dehradun, if you want then you can book a vehical of your choice, but let me warn you, they will charge a lot to take you this short distance.


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