English Bank PO Online Test – MCQ Questions

Hello students ! If you are looking for the study material for the preparation of Bank PO exam, then you are absolutely at the right place. Here, we have bring our students the Online Quiz Test For Bank PO Exam – English. This is IBPS bank PO English Language practice Set which will help you in preparation and at the same time, it is free of cost. Free IBPS PO 2022 Mock Test With Real Exam Interface. what could be better than this?

You can also Practice English Tests for SBI IBPS PO, Clerk, Specialist Officer in this online test. All in all, it is helpful in preparing every kind of bank exam. So, just grab this golden opportunity and practice this English online test to secure better marks in upcoming Bank PO exam. Have a happy practice.

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English Bank PO Online Test – MCQ Questions

Select the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold, as used in the passage.


  1. high
  2. monetary
  3. inflationary
  4. profitable
  5. Answer is: profitable


  1. Intercession
  2. Interruption
  3. Decision
  4. Interference
  5. Answer is: Interference


  1. excited
  2. overcome
  3. excited
  4. overstated
  5. Answer is: overcome


  1. playful
  2. Sudden
  3. artistic
  4. crafty
  5. Answer is: Sudden

Fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete

Q5.Simplicity and modesty are very rare and royal human _________.

  1. habits
  2. virtues
  3. fortune
  4. senses
  5. Answer is: virtues

Q6.Nature has __________ innumerable gifts on mankind.

  1. enriched
  2. bestowed
  3. glorified
  4. beseeched
  5. Answer is: bestowed

Q7.He often __________ office stationary for his personal use.

  1. dedicates
  2. stalks
  3. procures
  4. purloins
  5. Answer is: purloins

Q8.They built a _______ hall in the office to hold their weekly meetings.

  1. combative
  2. capricious
  3. capacious
  4. robust
  5. Answer is: capacious

Q9.The striking workers resumed duty, when the management __________ to most of their demands.

  1. acceded
  2. admitted
  3. resigned
  4. consigned
  5. Answer is: acceded

Q10.The terrorist attack drew ________ from all quarters in India across the world.

  1. sympathy
  2. ovation
  3. acclamation
  4. condemnation
  5. Answer is: sympathy

Q11.With the exams fast approaching, students are ___________ a lot of time for studies.

  1. engaging
  2. devoting
  3. casting
  4. attributing
  5. Answer is: devoting

Q12.In spite of decades of effort to _______ malaria, cerebral malaria still continues to be a major killer in India.

  1. engaging
  2. eradicate
  3. ban
  4. destroy
  5. Answer is: engaging

Q13.All the nations of the world should make a collective effort to ________ terrorism.

  1. combat
  2. prevent
  3. resist
  4. restrain
  5. Answer is: combat

Q14.A scientific analysis of body ailments reveals a strong _______ between disease and lifestyle.

  1. correlation
  2. resemblance
  3. connectivity
  4. coherence
  5. Answer is: correlation

Q15.Financial difficulties __________ him to discontinue his studies, and take up a job

  1. enchanted
  2. compelled
  3. dictated
  4. propelled
  5. Answer is: compelled

Q16.Nothing is impossible to achieve if pursued with __________ and determination.

  1. optimism
  2. courage
  3. perseverance
  4. enthusiasm
  5. Answer is: perseverance

Q17.It is rightly said that music is the _________ for all ills.

  1. elixir
  2. antidote
  3. treatment
  4. panacea
  5. Answer is: panacea

Q18.As he was habitually __________ over the smallest of things, he has few friends.

  1. finicky
  2. possessive
  3. cautious
  4. bickering
  5. Answer is: bickering

Q19.If a man possesses stock which is sufficient to maintain him for a few days or a few weeks, he ______ it as sparingly as he can

  1. salvages
  2. sustains
  3. consumes
  4. confines
  5. Answer is: confines

Q20.In order to avoid, disappointment, one must scan one’s plan for the day, _______ it overall, probably once a day.

  1. rejuvenating
  2. reviewing
  3. rescheduling
  4. recuperating
  5. Answer is: reviewing

Q21.Written communication would be less time-consuming if it is brief, ____________ and precise.

  1. succinct
  2. sinister
  3. verbose
  4. voluble
  5. Answer is: succinct

Q22.If the items in a diary are reliably listed and the list is ________ reviewed then certainly nothing should be forgotten.

  1. perversely
  2. languidly
  3. lethargically
  4. conscientiously
  5. Answer is: conscientiously

Q23.Management very often becomes protected with and ___________ to the point that it has no genuine idea of how other parts of the organization work.

  1. perspicuous
  2. perverted
  3. eccentric
  4. cloistered
  5. Answer is: cloistered

Q24.Increasing consciousness about health fitness has only _________ the traditional Indian bent towards vegetarianism.

  1. reinforced
  2. reincarnated
  3. advertised
  4. deluded
  5. Answer is: reinforced

Q25.Moti Mahal, the eatery started by Bhupinder Singh 15 years ago dishes up ________ food from the land of the five rivers.

  1. gutsy
  2. livid
  3. authentic
  4. explosive
  5. Answer is: authentic

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Hopefully, you have already solved this English online test. And i must say, it will surely benefit you in the preparation of Bank PO exam. Do well in exam. Good luck.

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