General Awareness Bank PO Test – Important Question

All the students who are lighting up the night oil to prepare for the Bank PO exam must raise their brows a bit as here we have brought the online Test of General Awareness for you guys. Now, you can practice more and more to make the General Awareness part a bit stronger than before.
Yes, a free IBPS PO mock test 2022, PO GK quiz practice and preparation Test, General Awareness Online Test for SBI, IBPS, Bank PO, Clerk Exams and for all other competitive exams like SBI, IBPS, RBI, SSC, RRB, UPSC, SSC. This is free Bank PO General Awareness Online Practice Test.

Basically, General Awareness section comes up with 40 questions in Bank PO exam comprises a maximum of 40 marks. The duration of 35 minutes will be given to you for this section. So, you can imagine the possibility of attempting all the questions. Very rare.

General Awareness Bank PO Test – Important Question

To enhance the accuracy with time management, practice is the basic key and this online test will help you in that.
It is very rare to find Banking General Awareness quiz online and that is too for free. This online Test of Banking General Awareness will also help you in Interview. So, what are you waiting for? This online test is nothing but a test paper for you to check your ability. Have a happy practice.

Q1.Consumer Price index is released on a monthly basis by the __________.

  1. National Sample Survey Organisation
  2. Ministry of Finance
  3. Reserve Bank of India
  4. Central Statistics Office
  5. Answer is: Central Statistics Office

Q2.Which of the following is not to be collected by the bank when a loan customer pays the loan, out of his resources?

  1. document verification charges
  2. Interest charges
  3. payment penalties
  4. stamp duty
  5. Answer is: payment penalties

Q3.Which of the following is the chief agency to promote housing finance institutions?

  1. IFCI
  2. RBI
  3. NHB
  4. SIDBI
  5. Answer is: NHB

Q4.What is the result if a nation decides to print extra currency notes to bridge the gap of budget deficit situation?

  1. Inflation
  2. Deflation
  3. Depression
  4. Recession
  5. Answer is: Inflation

Q5.Which of the following is known as ‘soft loan window’ for extending long-term “interest-free loans”?

  1. IDA
  2. IFC
  3. IBRD
  4. IMF
  5. Answer is: IDA

Q6.Which of the following is not an institution source of credit?

  1. commercial Bank
  2. money lenders
  3. Cooperative Bank
  4. Money lenders
  5. Answer is: Money lenders

Q7.Which of the following revolutions is associated with the use of High Yielding Variety Seeds?

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Silver
  4. White
  5. Answer is: Green

Q8.Pooling of loans into standard marketable bonds is called

  1. clubbing
  2. bundling
  3. securitisation
  4. amortisation
  5. Answer is: securitisation

Q9.What is the maximum period of which term deposits are accepted in India?

  1. 1 year
  2. 10 years
  3. 3 years
  4. 5 years
  5. Answer is: 10 years

Q10.What is the upper limit of Cash Reserve Ratio?

  1. 12%
  2. 15%
  3. 13%
  4. 14%
  5. Answer is: 15%

Q11.The term ‘Golden Hand Shake’ is related to

  1. disinvestment
  2. privatisation
  3. globalisation
  4. voluntary retirement
  5. Answer is: voluntary retirement

Q12.The Purchasing Manager’s Index in India is released by _______

  1. HDFC
  2. Citi Bank
  3. HSBC
  4. IMF
  5. Answer is: HSBC

Q13.Which of the following Banks is based in Kolkata?

  1. Indian Bank
  2. Punjab National Bank
  3. United Bank of India
  4. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  5. Answer is: United Bank of India

Q14.Which is the full form of ‘PPP’ in relation to the financial world?

  1. Purchasing Power Parity
  2. Public Private Partnership
  3. Power Point Presentation
  4. both Purchasing Power Parity and Public Private Partnership
  5. Answer is: both Purchasing Power Parity and Public Private Partnership

Q15.Mixed economy means the coexistence of

  1. rich and poor people
  2. Public sector and private sector companies
  3. agriculture and industry
  4. large and small scale industry
  5. Answer is: Public sector and private sector companies

Q16.What is the amount of FDI permitted through automatic route in Asset Reconstruction companies?

  1. 26%
  2. 49%>
  3. 75%
  4. 100%
  5. Answer is: 100%

Q17.Which of the following is sponsoring Dedicated Freight Corridor Project?

  1. ADB
  2. IBRD
  3. JICA
  4. WB
  5. Answer is: JICA

Q18.Which of the following is incorrect about NBFCs?

  1. These are controlled by RBI
  2. They can accept demand deposits
  3. They can lend money
  4. They can buy and sell securities
  5. Answer is: They can accept demand deposits

Q19.Which of the following joined International Solar Alliance to promote solar energy globally?

  1. WB
  2. WTO
  3. UNDP
  4. ITU
  5. Answer is: UNDP

Q20.Stand Up India Scheme was launched to promote entrepreneurship among

  1. Scheduled Caste People
  2. Scheduled Tribes
  3. Women entrepreneurs
  4. All of the above
  5. Answer is: All of the above

Q21.For banks, ‘Priority Sector Loans’ are loans to

  1. Real estate
  2. farmers
  3. pharma companies
  4. film production companies
  5. Answer is: farmers

Q22.Which of the following is a core sector industry as recognized by the government of India?

  1. Refinery products
  2. cosmetics
  3. Vegetable oils
  4. Automobile
  5. Answer is: Refinery products

Q23.Which of the following statements about G20 is correct?

  1. Represents 90% of global GDP
  2. represents 80% of global trade
  3. represents 64% of world’s population
  4. all of the above
  5. Answer is: all of the above

Q24.Which of the following is not part of the United Nations?

  3. NATO
  4. FAO
  5. Answer is: NATO

Q25.NIFTY is the

  1. Stock market of the New York Stock Exchange
  2. a gold price index of world Gold Council
  3. Stock market index of National Stock Exchange
  4. Index of Banking companies shares
  5. Answer is: Stock market index of National Stock Exchange

I hope, you have already practiced the General Awareness Online Test for Bank PO and if not, then I must say that you are missing something very big in your preparation. Don’t miss this chance of practicing this online test.

Always remember that you cannot memorize each and every little point in General Awareness or General Knowledge. you have to keep it simple. But how? Practice. Practice is actually a key to success and especially in the competitive exams like Bank PO where the syllabus is so vast.

There is no other alternative to practice and it will take you to long run. The more you practice, the more you will memorize. And there will be so many chances that the same questions will pop up in your exam. Wow ! What could be better than this? So, practice more and more, until you get confident of yourself.

There is so much more to come in the section of Online Tests of Bank PO. Just stay tuned.

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