Indian Army Clerk English Online Test – Sample Papers

Indian Army Clerk Online Test – English (Indian Army Preparation):- All those candidates who are preparing for the post of soldier clerk must we aware of the syllabus of the written exam which is also known as CEE(common entrance exam). Now that we can practice for any exam by giving online test everything has become quite easy. The written exam of clerk post comprises for 25 questions of General English. This section is very scoring if you have good command over grammar and vocabulary. To master over anything you must practice.

Here we have collected important questions of Indian army English from exam point of view. The difficulty level of the Indian clerk exam can be evaluated from its vast syllabus only. This means that candidates have put an extra effort to crack the exam. Practice from the online test as it will help you analyze the questions that come in the written exam.

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Indian Army Clerk English Online Test

Q 1.The cat and the dog have a ___________ enemy in the rat.

  1. same
  2. common
  3. mutual
  4. similar
  5. Answer is: common
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. same and similar are entirely wrong. The word ‘common’ is used whenever two people share something, while ‘mutual’ usually implies reciprocity.

Q 2.He is very good _________ making stories.

  1. in
  2. about
  3. at
  4. for
  5. Answer is: at
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. The word ‘about’ and ‘for’ are completely wrong. The word ‘at’ is used for specific things, while ‘in’ is used for less specific things.

Q 3.He told me that he ________ watching the movie.

  1. put on
  2. put of
  3. put away
  4. put off
  5. Answer is: put off
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. The meaning of ‘put off’ is to delay something. And the word fits suitably in the sentence.

Q 4.The Principal called _______ an explanation from the clerks.

  1. on
  2. out
  3. for
  4. in
  5. Answer is: for
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. The word ‘on’ and ‘in’ are not going with the sentence.Only the word ‘for’ is appropriate.

Q 5.The Greenland ice sheet is _________ at the rate of about 12 cubic miles a year.

  1. smelting
  2. condensing
  3. melting
  4. freezing
  5. Answer is: melting
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. smelting-extracting from its ore, condensing-make something denser or concentrated, melting-become liquefied, freezing- to freeze. So, the most appropriate word is ‘melting’

Q 6.The _________ crowd gave the victorious team a tumultuous welcome.

  1. jubilant
  2. troublesome
  3. noisy
  4. arrogant
  5. Answer is: jubilant
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. Jubilant-expressing great happiness, troublesome-causing difficulty, the noisy-making lot of noise, arrogant-revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. So, jubilant is the appropriate answer.

Q 7.It is our duty to get ________ the truth.

  1. to
  2. over
  3. into
  4. at
  5. Answer is: at
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. ‘over’ and ‘into’ are completely wrong. The word ‘at’ is used to indicate a point or place while ‘to’ is used to for expressing motion or direction toward a point. Therefore ‘at’ is the correct answer.

Q 8.He looked _________ his watch everywhere.

  1. to
  2. about
  3. for
  4. of
  5. Answer is: for
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. ‘to’ and ‘of’ are completely wrong. The word ‘about’ means near or related to while ‘for; refers to purpose. So, ‘for’ is the right answer.

Q 9.The noise from downstairs prevented me ________ sleeping.

  1. of
  2. from
  3. for
  4. with
  5. Answer is: from
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. Only’of’ and ‘from’ can be right but ‘of’ is mainly used as possessive whereas from’ is used to express that something originates from something else.

Q 10._________ all his faults I still like him.

  1. For
  2. With
  3. Of
  4. Beyond
  5. Answer is: With
  1. Answer With Explanation
  2. The two options ‘for’ and ‘of’ does not go with the sentence. The word ‘faults’ is accompanied by ‘with’ not ‘Beyond’.

All those candidates preparing for the written exam know the importance of every second. And all of you guys must be working really hard to crack the exam. Hope that by giving online test it would have helped you in your preparation. Practice as much as you can and all the best.


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