Solved Indian Army GD General Knowledge(GK) Online Test Paper

Solved Indian Army GD General Knowledge(GK) Online Test Paper: An excellent collection of General knowledge questions, designed especially for those aspirants who are basically dying to become a soldier in Indian Army. Be it your patriotism or attraction towards armed forces, this online test would definitely help you to achieve your dream. Being helpful in so many ways, Army GD GK Online Test is worth a try to get a quick fix in revision time.

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Those who are desperate to crack this exam must surely take this online test to get through the questions which seem to be difficult while studying. Practicing them will make your basic concepts clearer. The General Knowledge section comprises 30% of in Indian army exam with such a vast syllabus. Thus, there could not be anything better than to solve test instead of going for reading each and every topic one by one.

Indian Army GD General Knowledge(GK) Online Test

Q1.‘Economic Survey’ is published by

  1. Ministry of finance
  2. Planning Commission
  3. Government of India
  4. Indian Statical Institute
  5. Answer is: Ministry of finance
  1. Facts In detail
  2. Economic Survey is an annual document of the Ministry of Finance which reviews the development in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months.

Q2.The largest public sector bank in India is

  1. Central Bank
  2. State Bank of India
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. Indian Overseas Bank
  5. Answer is: State Bank of India
  1. Facts In detail
  2. State Bank of India is an Indian multinational, public sector banking which is a government-owned corporation with its headquarters in Mumbai.

Q3.After Textile, India’s important industry is

  1. sugar
  2. cement
  3. jute
  4. iron and steel
  5. Answer is: sugar
  1. Facts In detail
  2. At present, sugar is the second largest agro-based industry of India after cotton textile industry.

Q4.The earlier name of the WTO was

  1. UNIDO
  3. OECD
  4. GATT
  5. Answer is: GATT
  1. Facts In detail
  2. WTO – World Trade Organization
    GATT – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Q5.Which of the following is a cash crop?

  1. Wheat
  2. Millets
  3. rice
  4. rubber
  5. Answer is: Rubber
  1. Facts In detail
  2. Rubber is a cash crop as it is produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower.

Q6.Election of Rajya Sabha is held after every

  1. 1 year
  2. 2 years
  3. 6 years
  4. 5 years
  5. Answer is: 2 years
  1. Facts In detail
  2. Rajya Sabha is a permanent House and is not subject to dissolution. However, one-third Members of Rajya Sabha retire after every second year.

Q7.The president may appoint all the following except

  1. Prime minister
  2. governor
  3. high court judge
  4. Rajya Sabha Chairman
  5. Answer is: Rajya Sabha Chairman
  1. Facts In detail
  2. The Vice-President of India is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

Q8.The first Asian games were held in

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Iran
  5. Answer is: India
  1. Facts In detail
  2. The Games were regulated by the Asian Games Federation (AGF) from the first Games in New Delhi, India, until the 1978 Games.

Q9.The first atomic power reactor in India was

  1. Dhruv
  2. Jarlina
  3. Poornima
  4. Apsara
  5. Answer is: Apsara
  1. Facts In detail
  2. Apsara is the oldest of India’s research reactors. The reactor was designed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Center and built with assistance from the United Kingdom.

Q10.Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?

  1. Acetic Acid
  2. Tartaric acid
  3. Lactic Acid
  4. Butyric acid
  5. Answer is: Lactic Acid
  1. Facts In detail
  2. Lactic acid is an organic compound with the formula CH3CH(OH)COOH. In its solid state, it is white and water-soluble. In its liquid state, it is clear.

Hope you all like this Indian Army GK online test. You can also check more subject online test in this website.

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