Dehradun Cricket Stadium | Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Since the time when Uttarakhand separated from Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000, there was not much scope for youngster playing sports, and specially in cricket which is the most favorite game not just of this state but almost every state of India. For last 18 years this state had no Ranji team in cricket due to which the youngsters did not get the chance to represent India in international level.

Some of the talented players of the states have earned good reputation in cricketing world, but they are not considered as Uttarakhand players as they have played for other states. And the only reason is the state not having it’s own Ranji team.

But now, it is officially announced that the state will have it’s own Ranji team. And believe it or not, the newly built Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium had played an important role in this.

Dehradun Cricket Stadium | Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Not only the Dehradun cricket stadium has provided a boost to young cricketers in UK, but it has also open new doors of opportunity for many people. Many new business have got the much needed push and the stadium has helped thousand in getting new employment through small businesses.

Here are some facts about the Raipur situated Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium.

  • The overall cost to build the stadium was around Rs. 237 crore .
  • It became the 21st stadium in the country to host a t20 international cricket match. The match was played between Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  • It become the 51st stadium of India to host a one day international match between 2 countries. Afghanistan played against Ireland.
  • The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) opted this stadium as their second home ground in the month of May 2018.
  • The stadium is built on 23 acre land and has the sitting capacity of 25000 people at a time.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium has proved to be a boon for the cricketers of Uttarakhand.

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