Rank Wise Indian Army Basic Salary, Grade Pay, 2022 Salary Chart

Army Salary Chart 2022

Rank Wise Indian Army Basic Salary, Grade Pay, Total Salary Chart 2022: Nowadays a secure job with high salary attracts the youth of the nation. Indian army provides the best platform for the youngsters who want to serve the nation along with a good salary package. Be it the passion to serve the nation or the facilities provided by the army to the soldiers, 4 out of 10 young boys dream to live the life of an Indian soldier. In territorial army rank, wise salary is given to the soldiers.

Whatever may be the reason for youngsters to join the army, a basic question that they all have in common is how much a soldier earn. In every open rally organized for recruitment of different post thousands of candidates take part and give their best to get selected in the army so, it is quite important to understand the salary packages given to the soldiers. In order to fully understand the salary structure, you must know terms like grade pay and basic pay. Along with it, you must have known about the promotion processor in Indian army.

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Rank Wise Indian Army Basic Salary, Grade Pay, Total Salary Chart 2022, Salary Slip

# Grade Pay And Basic Pay 

Grade pay is the amount given to the government employee based on the category/class of the employee according to the 7th pay commission. While the basic pay is the sum of grade pay and pay band. To make it more clear, the grade pay remains same till the next promotion while the basic pay changes every year.

#Rank Hierarchy In Indian Army

Although there are the different post for which youngsters apply the majority of them choose soldier GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Technical post. Once you have cleared all the rounds of selection processor and are finally selected, you will have to go through training afterward. Remembers until you have completed your training period you are not fully considered as a soldier.

After the training you will join at the post of Sepoy/ rifleman and the promotion processor proceed like this:

Sepoy/Rifleman > lance naik > naik > Havildar > naib subedar > subedar > subedar major.

But then there is another category i.e is officers category. All those candidates who join Indian army through NDA and CDS exam become an officer after completing their training. They join as Lieutenant and then this how they are promoted:

Lieutenant > captain > major > lieutenant colonel > colonel > Brigadier > major general > lieutenant general.

Now that you are aware of, how the promotion takes place in Indian army it will become easy for you to understand the rank wise salary structure.

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Table 2022

As, we have already mentioned above the salary given to the soldiers are according to their rank. Apart from their salary the soldiers are given various facilities like transportation allowances, housing facility and many other. To make things easier for our readers, in the table given below we have mentioned all the information like the pay band, grade pay and total salary of different ranks.

Check here the salary of Indian army GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Technical etc.

Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Military service pay Cash In Hand(approx.)
Sepoy 5200 – 20200 1800 2000 25,000
Lance Naik 5200 – 20200 2000 2000 30,000
Naik 5200 – 20200 2400 2000 35,000
Havaldar 5200 – 20200 2800 2000 40,000
Naib Subedar 9300 – 34800 4200 2000 45,000
Subedar 9300 – 34800 4600 2000 50,000
Subedar Major 9300 – 34800 4800 2000 65,000
Lieutenant 15600 – 39100 5400 6000 68,000
Captain 15600 – 39100 6100 6000 75,000
Major 15600 – 39100 6600 6000 1,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 37400 – 67000 8000 6000 1,12,000
Colonel 37400 – 67000 8700 6000 1,30,000
Brigadier 37400 – 67000 8900 6000
Major General 37400 – 67000 10,000
Lieutenant General 67000 – 79000

I hope that after reading this article you will have all the information regarding the salary package of the Indian army. And now it would have become more clear for which post you want to apply for in Indian army. Remember that only if you are hard working and have the passion to join the army only then you will get selected. Hope this article was helpful for you.

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