Removal Of Article 370 From J&K (लाभ और नुकसान)

Finally after the long wait of 70 years, for the first time Indian can now truly become one complete nation with one flag and one constitution. Past weak has been full of drama and historic moments, where most of the people are celebrating the removal of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, there on the other hand we have people in congress or the whole congress who are opposing this brave decision from the Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party. Most of the other political parties such as Shiv Sean, JDU, and even the die hard BJP opponent Mr Arvind kejriwal has appreciated this decision of the government.

Though it had been in the BJP agenda to remove article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir for long time, but they hardly did any visible action on this issue even when Modi government came into power the first time. This has surely been very surprising not only for j&K but also for whole nation. It may be that whole nation is celebrating this move bought in by home minister Amit Shah, but J&K don’t look happy with it, specially Kashmiries (and they have their reasons for it).

Removal Of Article 370 From J&K – Pros And Cons

While the decision to get ride of J&K may look a good one right now but every decision has it consequences. The situation in the newly made union territory is unpredictable right now, nobody knows what will happen once the curfew is lifted. Obviously there will be revolts all over Jammu and Kashmir, but the important question is that how strong and deadly will it be.

On the other hand Pakistan is doing it’s best to make India look bad in front of the whole world (not that it is succeeding in any way). And it is almost guaranteed that it will try influence the situation in Kasmir in every possible way.

With all these points in mind, the coming few months looks very difficult for the Kashmir valley. Hopefully the situation will remain peaceful. Her are some pros and cons that comes with the removal of article 370.

Pros of Removing Article 370 From J&K

The main benefit of removing 370 is that people can now buy lands in Jammu and Kashmir which means new opportunity for businesses to grow there. This will help generate more jobs and help the youngster to move to the brighter future.

Another advantage is that rules like RTI and others that were earlier banned here will be allowed. It will significantly bring the corruption down. Up till now the so called big leader of J&K had things their way and did whatever they liked but with new rules and regulations it will be hard for them to hide their deeds from public and exploit them.

The doorways for Kashmiri pandits are not wide open now, their long awaited dream of returning to their mother lands can finally come true now.

Cons of Removing Article 370 From J&K

The biggest cone of removing the article 370 is the unease and vulnerability for riots. There is no saying how bad can situation may become and how long will it last.

As we know how insecure Kashmiries has been in past regarding India’s stand on terrorism, with the removal of article 370 they will feel even more insecure which is not good in the long run. Also, untill now the natural beauty of Kashmir was not harmed as much due to the unsettling conditions there, but as the situation will stabilize there more pollution will be cause which will lead to harm to natural beauty.

There is lot more that can be said on talked about on this topic, but for now lets end it here.

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