Valentine Day 2023 Week List | February Days List 2023

Valentine Day 2023 Week List: The Festival of love is about to come and every lover in this world wants to know when is Valentine Day 2023 Datesheet, Week List, Kab Hota Hai, Valentine Day 2023, February Days List 2023 Timetable.

Hey ! Lovy Dovy readers. Excited ? Well ! Finally the day has come. The big day for all the lovers. For all those who are passionately in love with their partners. For those who want to make it large for their soulmates.

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Valentine Day 2023 Week List | February Days List 2023

This feeling of love in the air is obnoxious. One cannot express it in words. It’s all about feelings from the bottom of the heart.Here, we have bring the full date sheet of Valentine day 2023 for all those who are madly in love and wanna do something great for their partner on every day of this week. Get set go. There is a long way waiting to impress your partner. Easy ! We will suggest you the best and outstanding ways which will make your partner fall in love with you.

Now smile and read out the whole 🙂

  • 7 February – Rose Day
  • 8 February – Propose Day
  • 9 February – Chocolate Day
  • 10 February – Teddy Day
  • 11 February – Promise Day
  • 12 February – Kiss Day
  • 13 February – Hug Day
  • 14 February – VALENTINE’S DAY
  • 15 February – Slap Day
  • 16 February – Kick Day
  • 17 February – Perfume Day
  • 18 February – Flirting Day
  • 19 February – Confession Day
  • 20 February – Missing Day
  • 21 February – Break Up

Valentine Day 2018 Week List, Timetable, Chart, Kab Hota Hai

7 February – Rose Day

The first day of love in this week of Valentine’s day which symbolizes the fresh start of love and for the never-ending love which has no limits of affection. Rose Day is for the lovers who fall in love at first sight.

Generally, lovers give the red lavender to their partner which shows their passionate love in the form of Dark red color of that rose.

Well ! If you ask me then i will suggest you to surprise your partner with a red rose on this day. And yeah, there is no need of a bouquet, just a one rose with all your passionate love.

Wait ! If you have not proposed him/her yet, then pink rose would be better to give.

8 February – Propose Day

Yes ! The most relevant to express your feeling before someone who love more than life. Propose day, for all those crazy lovers who are madly in love with someone but still hesitant to express the feelings. Just dare to do this today.

I know there are so many questions arising in  your mind. What if she will reject? What if i could not speak a single word before him? What? Why ? How? My dear friends… Just grow up ! There is no place for these questions in passionate love.

If you want him/her, you have to put efforts. That is it !

9 February – Chocolate Day

The yummiest day of Valentine’s Week. Just share love by sharing chocolates with your partner. I am telling you, the sweetness of those chocolates will increase the sweetness of your love.

However ! Chocolates do not matter much for those who have already that sweetness in their love. Still ! If you want to make the day better then nothing would be better than a chocolate wrapped in lovy dovy way or a single chocolate of her choice. (Her, because Chocolates are girl’s favorite). Just do it for her. Your lady love deserves a chocolate daily.

10 February – Teddy Day

Who said only girls like teddies? There are lots of boys who also love to have teddy bear in their rooms. So, there is nothing like ladko ko teddy day se kya matlab. Now, its upto you that how much you know your partner. I mean, which color of teddy he/she like the most? The size of teddy? In fact, you should know the color of the room in which you suppose he/she would place that teddy bear. Yes, i know its difficult. But, the passion in love is what which matters the most.

11 February – Promise Day

Someone has very rightly said, “Promises are meant to be kept.” And i would suggest you from the core of my heart that do it honestly. Don’t act childish in doing promises. Doing promise is so easy but keeping it is as much as difficult. Giving roses, sharing Chocolates is one thing but doing promise is just different and keeping it forever is ultimate. Make your love realize that doing big promises are not that big deal. Keeping those small promises are.

12 February – Kiss Day

Kissing his/her forehead will make the day best to celebrate. Yes, believe me. The day would be best celebrated in this way. Your love with that kiss would increase more and more.

13 February – Hug Day

Well ! You have to be a little careful. I mean, jabardsti wala hug is not done. You have to be patient for a while. Just wait and let her be comfortable with you. Then, your thousand hugs will be less for her. And she will be desperate for one more.

All you need is some quality time with her and then she will be all yours.

14 February -VALENTINE’S DAY

Yes, a Big day. After so many efforts from Rose Day to Hug Day, finally the day come when you can put all your efforts at one side and simply confess her/him that you love them the most. Just do it. Just admit before him/her that its their site which makes you nervous, its their voice which makes you shiver, its their eyes which are enough to kill you, its they for whom your heart become restless.

The things are never ending. You have so much to say. Just make your partner top of the world this Valentine’s day. Make him/her feel special. Yes, the most special person on this earth

15 February – Slap Day

This is the first anti-Valentine day of this week for all those singles out there who are totally in opposition of this love and all. At the same time, this is a perfect opportunity to take revenge for their betrays. Just go and slap on the face direct.

Believe me ! Nothing could be more satisfying than this.

16 February – Kick Day

If you think that a slap is not enough for your ex then take out all your courage and just give them a kick. End it here only and find some other deserving partner.

17 February – Perfume Day

Gift him/Her the favorite perfume. For this, you have to know their choice. Their die hard choices is what which matters the most to you. Either favorite color, favorite perfume, favorite this and favorite that. Just take care of everything.

18 February – Flirting Day

Flirt with anyone, everyone around. Yes, i mean my words. The day is for the lovers who believe in flirting instead of shiddat wala pyar and all that. And if you are among those who are madly in love with someone special. Then flirt with him/her. Yes, flirt a little with your love, he/she will definitely feel special.

19 February – Confession Day

Confess something. No ! You don’t have to confess that you love him/her. Its too old. And i think, old is always boring. Try something new. Like, i wanna spend my whole life in your arms or i want your kids or  Ohh ! Cheesy ? Arey ! This is what they want. Sometimes, simple things need some flavor which will make your love life more interesting. Just try it. Thanks me later.

20 February – Missing Day

There is not a single day to tell your partner that you are missing him/her. Just tell this everyday. Yes, every single, tell them that you are missing them desperately. The moment they leave, just text sweetly that you are missing them. Now, imagine a sweet smile on their face. This will surely make your day.

21 February – Break Up

Breakup day is for all those couples who were just passing the time with someone in these previous. Just break up now before he/she get serious for you. Well ! This day has its own charm celebrating it with loved ones. Yes, just try some funny with your partner who is no more a stranger to you. Just giggle with her talking about break ups. But, don’t end it here. Just make them realize at the end that you cannot live without them.

Well ! I know that singles are not at all interested in these kind of posts but, Breakup day is a kind of Anti-Valentine’s day for all those who always wanna stay the same.

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